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Apply for the 21st Century Fox Internship Program

Students must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program, in school full-time, and be in at least their sophomore year to apply.

21st Century Fox (21CF) is proud to support a culture of creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and community that attracts the industry’s brightest talent. The 21CF Internship Program offers an exciting opportunity for you to gain practical experience while interning for one of the biggest media and entertainment companies in the world. You will have the opportunity to participate in real-world projects, which provides valuable work experience and leadership skills.

21CF offers more than 400 internships each year within all of our brands, including Twentieth Century Fox Film, Fox Networks Group and Fox Sports, and in departments, such as Marketing, Finance, Production (nothing on set), Information Technology, Legal, Digital, Human Resources, and Business Development and Strategy.

Locations include Los Angeles, New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, San Diego, Phoenix, St. Louis, Irving and Minneapolis.

How to Get Noticed

Interning in the entertainment industry is competitive. Your resume/CV might be the first impression a recruiter will have of you, but to achieve that, it has to actually make an impression. Recruiters and hiring managers see a lot of resumes, which means not only does yours need to have key information about your experience and be presented clearly, but it also needs to be memorable and catch the recruiter’s eye.

See our internship resume guide.

Download our internship brochure.

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Former Interns Give Us Two Thumbs Up


“Being a Fox intern has been one of the best experiences of my undergraduate career. From the first day I stepped foot on the Lot, I have felt like a part of the Fox Family. There's an undeniably positive atmosphere that surrounds this community. I am given hands on daily tasks and the professional development workshops provided me with great tools such as networking and professional email skills. My time here has been great and the connections I was able to make have been even better. I hope to soon become a permanent part of the Fox family.”



“Interning at Fox was one of the best experiences of my life. I gained great experience into a huge corporate environment and learned something new every day. The passion and energy the staff exuded at Fox made work very enjoyable. I plan to take the skills and abilities learned and use them in other areas of my life.”


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